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I am a huge skeptic when it comes to promotion groups in Las Vegas. I started looking for contacts 2 months prior to my trip and ended up contacting several different companies going up the chain and emailing between promotion group managers. Everyone wanted money up front, or at least a credit card and a contract. I didn’t feel comfortable doing this because when you have a large group of people, things often change. None of the companies I spoke with were as reliable, easy going and communicative as VIP Lifestyles and they never charge a fee!

- David Heller

Port St. Lucy


Overall, my experience with VIP Lifestyles was outstanding. I would recommend their service to anyone looking for a reliable company that can provide a solid hookup for Vegas parties. If it’s a party they can’t book for you, they will find someone that can. My experience was outstanding and I hope you take a chance and book with VIP Lifestyles so that your Vegas vacation can be hassle free! Remember they never charge any fees and the owner Robert is just awesome and everyone in Vegas knows him.

- Diane Cullen

Miami Beach


Hundreds’s of people waiting outside in top clubs in Vegas to get in.. even though you are on guest list .. it does not matter.. it only works if you are with Robert from VIP Lifestyles guest list. we got attention and told the magic name.. Robert sent us.. we got straight in with no cover charges in labor day weekend. There were many hot girls waiting outside… but we were in.. We wanted to pay for VIP Lifestyle’s service but we found out from Robert there is never any fees, they get you right in for free!

- Remy

Weston, Fl


There is really not a better way to experience the Vegas club scene other than to use

- Jen

Summerlin NV


They are super reliable and great at immediate communication for questions and is super flexible, we were able to sign up for guest lists until 8pm the night of! Each day I received a text to confirm my plans for the night with clear details.

- Susan Scott

Naples Florida


We got into some of the hottest clubs in Vegas including XS Nightclub, Gallery Nightclub, Wet Republic, Pure, and Moon. We got into each venue with little to no wait time and at some of them received drink tickets but the final night is when we really felt like VIP’s. We decided to splurge for a 2 bottle deal @ Chateau. We met Robert the owner who was standing @ the podium waiting for us. He walked us directly in and to our table. We paid him by credit card @ the table and actually received a free bottle of vodka. Every security guy, waitress and manager knew him and shaked his hands. What a hook-up!! Did I mention he would not take any money from us, what a guy and great service. This is a legit service so enjoy Las Vegas the way it was meant to be, VIP style!

- Paul



Hi Robert, the weekend was great. It was honestly everything that we could have wanted in a weekend and more. Thanks for all the help and suggestions with planning it. We will definitely be coming back to Vegas at some point in the future, and when so, I will be sure to be in touch. Keep up the good business. I will refer you to friends from when their time comes to have a party. Take care and thanks for the free bottle of champagne, we didn’t expect that.

- Mark Heldman

Charleston NC


Robert, Just wanted to thank you for planning the trip for our bachelor weekend, we had a phenomenal time. I would also like to say that Lee was an extremely helpful and professional host. he definitely made the trip more enjoyable for us as a group. I still don’t know how you do all this and don’t charge any fees but we are so glad we chose VIP Lifestyles and not the other companies, they were asking for hundreds just for their fee. Anyway, your service was the best and thanks for getting us a picture with all the waitresses, we will look for it on napkin nights web site. Cheers

- Massimo

Dallas TX


What a freakin awesome trip! Just wanted to send a quick note thanking our now friend, Robert for an amazing VIP trip this past weekend. He was fantastic in terms of getting us into the best places without any hassle, and was a lot of fun to hang out with too. We will certainly be recommending VIP, Lifestyles and Robert specifically, to anyone that asks. Here is a tip, definitely go with Robert to Sushi Samba for dinner. You will not believe what they do for him. Make sure you are hungry!

- James Brunner



I was in the bachelor party group this past weekend in Vegas. Just wanted to send out a thank you for all of the great fun we had this weekend. Robert was great and really did all he could and more to ensure that we had a great time. I would certainly recommend your services to any of my friends planning to have a bachelor party in Vegas! The table he got us at XS was amazing. Just a few feet from the dance floor and thank you for the free limo and free entry to Sapphire Gentlemen’s club. Those guys there love you.

- Dr. Thomas



This past weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Vegas for my bachelor party. I am the bachelor so I was kept in the dark about many details. All I knew was that I was going to Vegas and we were using a party service. What I didnt know was how much fun we ALL were going to have. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy myself but so did the rest of my friends with me. The service VIP Lifestyles provides is incredible, not to mention the beautiful and lovely waitress at Chateau nightclub we had. Robert made sure everything we requested was provided. I even called him while he was with another group because we ran out of alcohol and he still answered my questions very nice and without an attitude. He made a call from where he was and in minutes the waitress came over with another bottle of Goose. He helped plan the party, host the party, and parties with us. We liked the service so much that we handed out the business cards we received while we were in town to other bachelor parties that didnt have a guide like Robert and VIP Lifestyles. Thanks for the memories bro and especially the photo of me and the dancers, now I have to explain this to the future wife, LOL.

- Sean

Rochester, NY


DUDE DUDE DUDE!!!!! What’s up man…I still can’t believe I’m sitting back here in cold ass Buffalo!! I got to let you know that you delivered and then some this past weekend. I still can’t wrap my head around those 3 days of madness. I can’t say how much i appreciate everything you hooked us up you are truly the Vegas Fixer of Vegas baby! All the tables were just sick. Then the White Room at PURE Nightclub….Oh my god! You said it would blow our minds and it completely did. You just killed our expectations of what we were going to see… You just blew it out of the water!! I mean the BEST table in the club, and then you bring even more girls to our table?? Wow! I can go on forever. We will definitely throw some testimonials up on the website, and i got to say everyone in our group is so blown away by it all. I will be sure to try and send you as much business as I can brother. In fact we have a group of girls we know that are heading there in December so I will pass your number on to them. I am just so impressed with how you work, and most importantly your representatives were a blast to hang out with in Vegas! I will definitely be in touch my man…and I can’t wait to do it again next year. I hope we didn’t cause you too many problems. It was off the hook!

- Gavin

Buffalo NY


Man we had such a blast in Vegas this time. The table rocked at Vanity Nightclub Nightclub and I’m still wondering how you managed to get 15 guys into the best table with the price you gave us. I have used a service before but VIP was different. First off your pricing model kicked ass and gave the flexibility we needed to make changes at the last minute not easy for such a big group (17 guys). You actually dedicate a host to Us on call to guide us into every Nightclub we went to. Josh our host was awesome, everybody knew him!! . We laugh about how much of a difference you actually made this time out keep up the good work bro!

- Lee

Orange County CA


I have been to Vegas a few times now, and i have always found the promoters there know how best to make sure they make the most money off you based on your budget, instead of actually making sure you get into the best clubs and get the best Value for money. Everyone from the UK was saying they knew a guy who knew a guy who went a few years back then one of my friends suggested I speak with Robert from VIP Lifestyles, I found your nightclub knowledge on clubs there and understanding of what we wanted from our trip was second to none. I was a bit unsure with who to go with but after speaking with you and explaining every little detail I’m so glad we booked VIP Lifestyles, it was the best thing for my group. On arriving in Vegas we were picked up by a large black party bus limo with a stripper pole with girls to start our holiday off with a huge bang. We were given VIP entrance no questions, no headaches straight into XS, Tao, Tryst and Marquee. It was unbelievable we all felt like stars it was the craziest holiday of my life. I will definitely book with Robert and his VIP Lifestyles again in a couple of months. Coming back for a bachelor party soon.

- Troy

Chicago IL


Wow I just got back from Vegas and all I can say is Oh shit! We had the most amazing time ever, we were unsure about going to Vegas because we had heard that the clubs were so exclusive and you had to be a famous name or have bottomless pockets, Robert’s contacts in Vegas were so sick He got us into every club without any complications, There were many of us girls and we were quite crazy but your team in Vegas were amazing. I thought your communication with us from the Canada just to make sure that we were being looked after and feedback from nights out was a really nice touch. I have forwarded your details to a group of chics that are thinking about going to Vegas in January this year.

- Erica



We had a GREAT time in Las Vegas and it was almost all due to you!! Seriously, thank you so much for showing us such fun time. We know we couldn’t have done half those things without you. I have recommended you to at least half a dozen people since that time. We have talked about making that trip an Annual trip … I know I promised you some pictures of our trip so I have included a few with this e-mail. Enjoy! Take Care and let’s keep in touch.

- Elena

Ft. Lauderdale FL

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