VIP Host

The best way to ensure your night is a success is to have VIP Lifestyle’s Hosts facilitate your entire evening from the beginning prior to your actual visit to Las Vegas. Here we will discuss your wants and needs and build you and your group a custom itinerary which will include the details of your trip as well as the amount down to the penny for the entire group. Our staff of hosts have spent most of their working nights in the Las Vegas nightlife industry and are therefore always recognized and observed when out in a social setting.

Paying a premium for VIP Entry or VIP Bottle Service can cost some coin so don’t outlay unnecessary funds without exhausting all avenues beforehand by contacting us. The nightclubs we work with directly offer us VIP privileges. We offer (2) two services: VIP Entry & VIP Bottle Service. We offer discounted rates for selective parties and nightclubs depending on the day of the week and the promotion they are offering at the time. VIP Lifestyles has teamed up with Las Vegas nightclub owners & managers, as a lead executive VIP host company so you know quality is something you can be assured of when booking VIP Services.
The Nightclubs in Vegas will require parties to purchase a minimum number of bottles based upon the size of the group and the right ratio of women to men attending. Working through VIP Lifestyles, our Hosts offer deals on bottles no other company can dear to match and we do not
VIP Lifestyles Hosts will go to great lengths to ensure your night runs perfectly. It is our attention to detail that puts VIP Lifestyles Hosts head and shoulders above the other hosting companies in the Las Vegas.

One of the perks of using VIP Lifestyles Hosts versus any other hosting company online is our owner has been servicing celebrities and nightclub party people for many years and has the bio to prove it. He also has been voted one of the top professional hosts in the states as well as being a partner in a hot Las Vegas strip nightclub. So experience and knowledge is his forte. VIP Lifestyles Hosts provides you with a personalized and tailored response as well as the accommodations or reservations you may need. When you book VIP Entry or VIP Bottle reservation with our company, at any Las Vegas nightclubs you never have to second-guess your decision, because we will provide the answers and reassurance you need. We guarantee every reservation and never charge any fees!

We can assist you by offering knowledge on which clubs are happening on any given night and will gladly give you advice as to which DJ and what type of music is playing throughout the city so you will get the most out of your night’s entertainment.

Many people who seek entry and bottle service try to call the nightclubs directly, but most clubs will not address your request unless they can sell you the most expensive package they offer and they most definitely will not discuss other clubs so you will find that emailing VIP Lifestyles Hosts is a much more viable use of your time and your time is valuable to us.

Additionally, VIP Lifestyles Hosts will tailor your club preferences and party packages to specifically meet your needs since we work closely with all of the nightclubs in Las Vegas. Whether you need to arrange a party at a club, need help with a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette booking, or simply want to know the best restaurant or pre-club bar to hit before you launch your night out on the town we are here to help. VIP Lifestyle’s Hosts will even help with the small details that can add the final touch to a special night such as choosing a hotel (see hotel page) or reserving a limo company (see Limo page) so you can arrive in style.

Even better, not only can VIP Lifestyles Host offer you all of these services, but our Hosts can also offer these services with discounts so you can save while having the best night out at the nightclubs possible.