Day Clubs

Pools in Las Vegas aren’t just for sitting around and relaxing in anymore. They have been turned into daytime nightclubs where partiers – many topless – hop into the pool and drink. At night, a few are converted into the city’s hottest nightclubs, EBC, Marquee Beach, Tao Beach, Daylight, So grab a bottle of Grey Goose and join us on a tour of these outrageous hot spots.

One of the first “daylife” pool was REHAB at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Now in its tenth season, the hotspot includes swim-up blackjack tables and plenty of booze. Now along with Rehab, Vegas offers Encore Beach Club, Drais Beach Club, Tao Beach, Bare, Venus, Wet Republic & Marquee Beach.

We like things over-the-top in Las Vegas. Whether it’s our shows, nightclubs, hotels or restaurants, you can expect to find everything to live the life you wish you had instead of the life you have. So expect nothing different from Las Vegas pools. Once temperatures rise a bit more in March and April, they’ll be open for the season with celebrity hosts, outrageous amenities and a scene considered some of the best eye candy in the world. VIP Lifestyles has picked out a list of our favorite pools in Sin City so you know where to get wet and party this summer. Our favorite pools are Daylight, Wet Republic, Marquee Beach.

As the dayclub scene evolves, partygoers can expect to see more partnerships with brands and products that appeal to youth. Tao Beach, for instance, is hosting Maxim Fridays all summer in league with Maxim magazine. Marquee Dayclub’s launches their new partner Insomniac, the same team behind the Electric Daisy Carnival, and the two will produce a Sunday promotion called Wet Wonderland and marketing to that fan base.

Wet Republic located at the MGM is still is consider the top Dayclub in Vegas on Saturdays but Encore Beach Club located at the Wynn property is closing in as the top pool club in the nation with their outstanding DJ line up from Tiesto to Dead Mau5 to Afrojack, Calvin Harris and Kascade. The crowds are unbelievable and the chics are even hotter than ever!

And in a city where being naked is more likely to get you a free drink than arrested, many hotels are now offering European style pools where guests can sunbathe topless. Bare at the Mirage is one popular favorite, as well as the Venus Pool at Caesars Palace.

So take a dip into one of the following meca Dayclubs, and prepare to have your concept of a pool totally redefined.

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