Why do I need a VIP Host?

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the group that is not the “in-crowd” at one of the top nightclubs in Las Vegas? When you stare across the room at a club and notice a group in the center of all the attention or the group sitting directly on the dance floor dancing on their private boots? That is the work of one of the top experienced, well-known VIP host and company in Las Vegas. That is what we specialize in at VIP Lifestyles. Our exclusive Host provides the top service and is your facilitator of your evening keeping the mood upbeat, personalized setting, best locations and the energy high!

Our VIP Host in Las Vegas has all the connections and the know how to get your party started and keep it lasting through out the night. We differ from company’s nightclub hosts as we are well established for 15 consecutive years and work with all the nightclubs in Vegas. We do not point you to just any club we know well, we actually build your itinerary based on your budget and we DO NOT CHARGE ANY FEES as all other companies do! Whether you are a small group, large group, all guys or all girls, celebrating a bachelor or bachelorette party, no matter your age or just looking to set the nightclub ablaze hiring our Host will guarantee your reservations with absolutely no hassle (see our VIP Testimonials) and offer an evening of fun with less effort on your own behalf.

So don’t drive yourself and your friends crazy, partying in Vegas should be as easy and hassle free as can be. I personally will guarantee your night as the best VIP experience you could imagine. We have been at this party stuff for many years and we do it right so

Live Large & Regret Nothing!

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