VIP Bottle Service

Bottle Service has fast become the predominant way to enjoy a night out as a Group. This new phrase is now popular in large and small cities across the nation. The description for “Bottle Service” can mean variations of which many clubs require a minimum alcohol spend, Table Reservations or Beverage Spend minimums.

So what is the catch and why is it so confusing and how does it all work? Here we set out to explain how you can purchase bottle service even at discounted rates at many Vegas nightclubs while enjoying all the perks of a VIP customer. If “Bottle Service” is not your thing, then you might prefer VIP Hosted Entry more your style and just gaining admission in a timely manner with absolutely no wait time is for you but if you’re looking to receive VIP service with your own private table and section roped off to the general public with security surrounding your section and sexy gorgeous servers, you must read on.

What Is Bottle Service?

“Bottle Service” is the new phrase of the millineum now used by every nightclub party- goer seeking the full VIP experience during their stay. First made popular back in the 80’s in NYC with Latin clubs during holidays They actually called it set-ups with bottles of Chivas, J.W. Red and carafs of soda then the NY club owners caught on and created “Bottle Service”. and now every nightclub has perfected it above and beyond any other nightlife request. In order to receive “Bottle Service” you must always reserve a table usually with a minimum number of Bottles of alcohol. Nightclubs usually gage the number of bottles for every customer who will be sitting at the tables. Your number of bottles will vary from club to club in Vegas. Working with VIP Lifestyles, we always receive the best of service and the best table locations through our 15 years of excellence and knowledge. Many times we receive a free bottle of vodka or champagne for our guest at selected nightclubs.

On average you can be expected to purchase 1 bottle per 3 persons. The minimum number of bottles to be purchased starts at one on weekdays and three on weekends and requires more if your group size increase by the original reservation. With VIP Lifestyles, there is absolutely no admission fees or wait time. Once you arrive the nightclub, our team will whisk you directly to your table.

What Is A Table Reservation?

Making a reservation usually involves Reserving a Table at a selected nightclub. Most nightclubs and Gentlemen’s clubs require a minimum number of bottles to be purchased depending on the night very similar to “Bottle Service” and most top voted nightclubs require a table reservation fee (tip) for premier table placement such as a Dance Floor table. Reserving a table is the most important part of the VIP process as it involves your table location. Its always wise to make a pre-reservation so we can guarantee your locations as every Vegas nightclub is sold out every weekend.. Many tables are not so desired and are positioned in not so good locations so that’s why the importance of early reservations are highly suggested. The value in our VIP service is that we have table seating charts for all the Nightclubs in Vegas and can identify your table position in advance prior to arriving at the club.

What Is A Minimum Spend Amount or Real Estate?

Nightclubs now enforce a ‘Minimum Spend Amount’ or renting real estate (Table) moving away from the traditional Bottle Service prices and minimums. This new system accounts for the clients total spend at the venue less tax and gratuities. Therefore water and any special request such as energy drinks that may incur and additional cost are factored into the Beverage Minimum giving you the flexibility to spend as much as needed regardless of the number of bottles purchased. Many Vegas top clubs now deal in Real Estate (selecting your table with a minimum price tag) allowing the customer to order whatever they may as long as they pay the real estate fee. Example would be if the real estate (table) cost $2,000, you can buy water, alcohol, energy drinks or whatever adds up to the $2,000 and if you do not achieve the $2,000 in beverage spend, the club still charges the $2,000. This is great for small groups who can not drink the minimum alcohol requirements or for those who do not drink at all but still want to be a VIP guest sitting in the VIP roped off sections of the clubs.

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