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VIP Entrance – to the nightclubs

NO LINE – NO WAIT. In the best clubs, during the busiest nights, there are often plenty of people waiting in lines to get in to Vegas clubs. We provide you VIP entrance without waiting – VIP Lifestyles.

Do you require VIP Entry access to some of Las Vegas hottest, most famous nightclubs then why not allow VIP Lifestyles to arrange access for you and your group. VIP Lifestyles prides itself on the 15 year relationship it has built with the most popular and exclusive clubs in Vegas. It would be our pleasure to organize your VIP entrance or table reservations.

Enjoy the luxury of walking straight into the club walking directly past the entire general admission line and feel like a celebrity!
Every weekend all the top Vegas nightclubs are running at full capacity, and there is never a place at any guest lists. No chance to get in, unless… with our VIP services. We guarantee access to any club in Vegas.

The club scene is especially vibrant and popular in Vegas. All of the Las Vegas nightclubs are good, and as with anything there are always going to be some that stand out from the rest. In Vegas these are referred to as VIP clubs which are extremely hard to get into,. These clubs are so popular that they often have attendance in excess of 1500 to 3,000 people. Without a VIP Entry Host supplied by VIP Lifestyles, your night can be over before it starts. But the good news is VIP Lifestyles guarantees your VIP Entry to every Vegas club.

So how do you go about doing this? Well, you can pretty much try it on your own, provided you can afford the high entry fees some clubs charge and if these clubs front door staff don’t keep you standing on lines for hours at a time. Or you can walk directly in with our VIP Host . We have know-how and connections with all the top clubs in Vegas, and few have ever refused our request.

Simply email us below and tell us your needs for your VIP nightclub access!
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Live Large & Regret Nothing!

Dress Code:
Gentlemen must wear collar shirts, no athletic wear, no hats, no baggy pants.
Females: Dress to impress but please. no rubber flip flops.
At all times the Nightclub shall be allowed to refuse entry to any member pursuant to its normal entry policy. VIP Lifestyles will not be held responsible for any participating venue’s to exercise their right of refusal.